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Breath held
Scott Langley

A heart shaped breath held film 2024

Photo 30-04-2024, 20 08 56.jpg

A heart shaped breath held photo 2024

The sculpture is manifested as a 39-second film loopof a heart shaped breath held inshape by a foil balloon.As the film loops endlessly, it reflects the cyclical nature ofexistence, echoing Beckett's quote, "we are breath held in shape".The film capturesthe fleeting essence of life through the repetitive depiction of a last breath held inshape, emphasizing the transition from the tangible to the ephemeral, from life tomemory.The sculpture, presented on a looped screen, invites viewers into a meditative spacewhere time seems suspended. The final breath becomes a symbol of love and theprofound connection between life and death. The repetition of the film not onlyemphasizes the brevity of life but also highlights the persistence of memory. Eachrepetition deepens the emotional impact, reinforcing the idea that our existence isboth fleeting and eternal, existing in the continuous cycle of remembrance.Through this sculpture, I aim to explore the intersection of life, death, and memorywithin the context of Beckett's existential philosophy. By focusing on the essence ofbreath, I invite viewers to reflect on their own mortality and the significance of themoments that shape our lives. Ultimately, the sculpture serves as a reminder of thefragility and beauty inherent in human existence.

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