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 Embracing the influence of art and art college.
Rhiannon Caffrey and Shannon Murphy

This is the inspiration on why the students chose to show what inspired them to choose artcollege and what prompt them to be interested in art. This demonstratesthat young artists arenot just inspired by artist but also inspired by their journeys and the link between the futureand the past of the art world.

I chose art college because it is the only area in the education system thatallows me to think freely and analyse the world with my own senses.Also, I findstructure difficult so the independence you have in art and creative fields aremore suited for me.“In college I have been inspired by many of artist that I have come across duringmy studies so far, but I have been inspired by the impressionism period especiallyClaude Monet with his painting of landscapes which has inspired my interest inlandscapes and nature. During college, my work has always had someinvolvement of flowers or nature, even when I  have always found a way to incorruptflowers and find myself moving back towards the subject matter of nature andlandscape

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Murphy Colette Untitled 2024

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I chose to go to art college because I wanted to be involved in some wayinto the “world of art”. When I was a child, I loved drawing and paintinghandcrafts, and I just went to an art college to learn how I could find my ownway.’“Throughout my first year in our college. It was set in stone that I wanted todevelop my creative practice in 2D. However, that was until I met the 3D facultymembers. They then showed us the endless possibilities that 3D has to offer.During the six weeks, we got to look at the lectures' work and hear about theirexperiences working in the 3D side of the course. Once the six weeks ended, I wasimmediately inspired to continue my creative practice by going down the path of 3D

  Larrosa Jose "Pattern Process" 2024

‘I have always had a passion for Art ever since I was young, and I wantedto avail of a fantastic opportunity to work alongside the talented faculty membersand students at the University to broaden my understanding of Contemporary Artwhile also having the opportunity to specialise within the field. I have reallyenjoyed exploring the opportunity thus far and look forward to continuing myjourney’.“I think what got me curious about art would have been a copy of a printed pieceby Kandinsky that was hanging up on the walls at home as I would always look atit and be intrigued by the colour and the shapes that were in the art piece and Iremember asking questions about the piece to my parents. The curiosity left thenafter a while, and it came back when hewas brought up again in Primary school inabout 4thclass and I went back to looking at the images and that made me takeinterest in the image


Reynolds Lorraine "Fleeting" 2024

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‘There was no choice of going to art college or not... It is more like onsome intangible level I was waiting for the right time... since I was little art wasmy pleasure so going to art college was like an impossible dream that has nowcome tofruition... Perhaps it was inevitable, and I was awaiting the right time...’“For me I got into art at an early age. I always knew I wanted to use my creativityto express myself. When I was 16, I was introduced to my aunt's neighbor, whowas then a secondary school art teacher. She helped guide me and showed mewhat it is like to study and be a member of the Art community. From thisexperience, I was inspired to continue my creative practice, to not just expressmyself, but to share my creativity with others and hopefully inspired themthrough my work in a similar that her work Inspired me

Moran Elizabeth "Perception" 2024

‘I chose art because I felt that at a young age and now that it has helped me expressmyself and emotions. My initial interest in art was painting and how you could express all youremotions with just colours and canvas. My inspirations were my older brother who alwayspainted when I was younger, and I was inspired by Monet and the colour palettes he used.“Ever since an early age I had always been startled by Kiki Smith and her work especially by thepiece titled wolf girl, until one day in the library while doing some artist research my friendasked me to look for a book on the bottom shelf of the bookcase. Then while standing up I hitmy head on a book that wasoverhanging on the shelf, and it then fell onto my head. The bookwas a Kiki Smith book and since that day Kiki Smith is one of my biggest inspirations for mywork and is an artist that I always fall back on for my inspiration and research.”

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Caffrey Rhiannon "Strings of Influence" 2023

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‘I picked to go to art college as I could not have seen myself doing anything else as myfuture. Picking art as a degree was difficult as not many choose to go into creative degrees andthink of it more to bea hobby. I enjoy the process of creating art and to see an end result.’“I got into art very young as I was always told I had a creative spark to me as I was alwaysdrawing and painting when I was a child and just continued into playing with arts and crafts andslowly started building on from that for occasions like birthdays and Christmas I nearly alwaysreceived some form of art sets or materials to use. my first memory of ever doing somethinganything creative was about when I was four and I took theroll of a toilet paper, and I ripped itup to make a witch that I stuck to the wall at home.”

Gallagher Nadine Untitled 2023

‘I chose art college because it felt like the only right choice, every other course feltforced, and art was the one thing I was drawn to above everything else. I just felt like I had to,there was never really a question about it.’“When I wasthree or four years old my older brother introduced me to the world of art. Iwould sit and watch him draw people and objects from around the house for hours and thenMinique all his sketches while he was gone to college. Eventually when I was old enough,hefinally taught me how to draw and we would spend ages at the kitchen counter drawingtogether when he came over to visit. This then sparked my interest in art and gave me theinspiration to study art in college and to become an art teacher to teach kidshow to draw andsketch just like he did for me.

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Nungesser Yana "Is it good, Friend?" 2023

‘Choosing to go to art college was quite an easy decision for me, I had only put ahandful of art courses on my CAO when applying for colleges because I knew that art wassomething I had wanted to get into to continue my studies, what I find really made me decideart college was what I wanted was because of my secondary school art teacher as she reallymade the subject interesting and helped show me to develop and further my skills. I chose artcollege as it is what I thought, and think is the best route for me, and I did not care aboutothers' opinions. One thought that I think of quite frequently is something that confirmed mychoice on being set for art and that was my economics teacher in secondary tell us that theprofession that suits us most is whatwould be based off the toys and things we played with askids and I do like to believe that has helped me with deciding art college.’“In 6thclass in primary during art my teacher put on a recording of the poem called the lake isleof Inis free by William B. Yeats and while that was playing, she wanted us to paint what cameinto our minds when we heard it. And I ended up painting a landscape of a forest, withmountains, and a lake with a bright blue sky. And added some birds and flowers. Throughoutthe painting. The poem also had sound in the background to add to it of birds chirping and thelake flowing, the sounds helped me to get a sense of imagery along with the poem. This eventInspired my interest off using nature references throughout my creative practice.”

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Murphy Shannon "Radiant Reflection" 2024

Fig 9.jpeg

‘I did few courses in GTI level 5 and 6, and It was challenging process, and I decided to go to college, to continue the process of improvement and the teacher from GTI encouraged me to apply to college and I did it “I took art in secondary school and I remember asking my friends to do their art homework as they did not like art as a subject whereas I did, I really enjoyed the art in secondary school". Later on when I went to Dublin to visit someone I bought a sketchpad and coloured pencils at the train station and I didn't really use them at the start, just a page or two here and there for small doodles, and then I remembered one of my siblings birthdays while watching a movie and I had taken out that sketchpad and oil pastels that I had got from school and started drawing, I quickly got into the routine of drawing more for myself than drawing for school and I really enjoyed it I kept exploring with what I had and built up those skills”

Wiazowska Mariola "Embedded" 2024

‘I chose to go to art college as an individual who experienced art in atherapeutic setting, and I understood the necessity for myself to becomeacquainted with art therapy in formal education.I thus began college to explorethe possibilities for art in different ways, develop my skills, and researchinterdisciplinary approaches to art and psychology.’“My source of inspiration comes from an event that took place while I waswaitressing one day at work. An elderly woman walked in and seated herself at awindow table looking out onto the busy open view, she then proceeded to startpainting cautiously in her own little world and continued to for hours while we allcarried on working. Before she left, she sparked a conversation about studying artand advised me to just make and never overthink when it came to producingpieces, as the best pieces are the ones that you love an enjoyed making. Thesewords now come to mind each time I am searching forinspiration and starting anew piece.”

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Bullock Lydia Untitled 2023

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‘I chose to go to art college Because it seemed like the obvious choice. I have love artand I love to create. It was my favorite subject in school, and I hated school, I hated athleticsand art was the one constant in my life growing up. My illness attributed to this as I was inhospital a lot of the time and the medication made me weak, tired and hard focusing. Iremember painting in the kids' playroom when I was in hospital. I connected with younger kidsthrough my art by drawing Disney and Pokémon characters. I loved cartoons and animatedmovies; I want to make something that kids love and be inspired to create their own art.

“ I had been inspired by Vincent van Gogh form a young age as I remember watching achildren's program called the little einsteins and in an episode they had based it on Vincentvan Gogh and his painting of the starry night and I remember loving that episode so muchthat I would rewatch it a lot and then I continued on liking his work as he always ended upbeing mentioned in schools for art activities in primary.”

Bligh Shauna "S.O.S Spine of Steel" 2023

‘I decided to enrol in art school since I was little, I had had a special attraction for art in general. Any creative activity inspired me, made me feel good. I saw the opportunity to take the plunge.I did not study art when I was young, because neither I nor my family thought about it as an option. I studied another career that was supposed to give me a better economic position in my life, butafter studying this other career and working for a coupleof years in this field, Irealized that it was not for me and since then I have been trying different thingsuntil I finally decided to study art.’“I got inspired to do art from my mother as she had loads of drawing from whenshe was younger and I always used to redraw them myself, which I think reallymade me focus more on art more than I had and not see it as just a hobby to doand from looking up to my mother then to wanting to be just as artistly as shewas.

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Sanchez Miriam Untitled 2023

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It was pretty much just always what I wanted to do,I think. Growing upand going to school in the countryside I knew that I was not really interested inwhat most of the people in my class wanted to do, and luckily, I was encouragedto do whatever I wanted.’“My love for art first developed when I was 8years old, I was gifted a large,framed print by an unknown artist that I hung up in my bedroom. I was soexhilarated to receive this as a gift that for the first few weeks, I tried to recreatethe image myself by using my mom's camera on her old Nokia phone. This theninfluenced me to delve into the world of photography. The image thenencouraged me to use my communion money to purchase my first camera, whichthen inspired me to practice photography and apply to art college to help meDevelop my creative practice.”

Mannion Lily "Installation Detail" 2023

‘I needed a change of scenery after Covid and decided to move out Westand continue studying art. I have always been creative and am always trying tofind my niche and learn new skills’“For me, inspiration struck when I was challenged with creating an outcome for amodule brief. For weeks I experimented and explored all the possible outcomesto help exhibit my final piece. But I was not satisfied. After asking a handful ofstudents for suggestions, I finally got inspired by a suggestion and I knew exactlythe direction I wanted to take to exhibit my final piece.”

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Dennehy Claire "Emotional Baggage" 2023

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